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Scruffy, 17

Pamela B.

Scruffy was a rescue dog found after Hurricane Charley in 2004. We adopted this sweet Lhasa Apso and he is the love of our lives. He is now 17-years old and just survived Hurricane Irma last month. Read More

Theo, 9

T. K.

…I was about to mail you and mention how fantastic your toe grips are – our Newfies slipping is completely gone – your “gizmos” have surely improved his quality of life. Read More

Guiness, 14


Guinness has had her toe grips in for a few weeks and is doing great. While she still in not able to handle stairs, the hardwood floors are much easier for her to navigate now! Read More

Winnie, 13+

Lee Gregory DVM, CVA, CCRTCertified Veterinary AcupuncturistCertified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist

Winnie is a 13+ yo ( we think- she was a stray) SF shar-pei mix who has had 2 vestibular episodes in the past year that have left her with balance deficits. Read More

Maggie, 6


Maggie, who is suffering from Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia, has lost all her muscles due to the high steroid doses required to try to contain this disease. Because we live in the southwest where all tile is typical, she’s had a horrendous t Read More


Zoe, 14

—Phyllis E Goldstein-Haskins

This is 14 year old Zoe. The toegrips helped Zoe so much in her final months. She was having such a hard time getting around. She was blind and also diabetic and was losing strength in her legs. Read More

sheltie, 15


Hi there. My vet gave me a set of these to try on my 15 year old sheltie, who has vestibular balance issues, and atrophy of her hip muscles. The grips aid her mobility and ability to get up on her own. Read More

Brew, 14


Thanks for creating toe grips Dr. Buzby!! This is Brew, he is a 14 year 9 month old bichon x cavalier spaniel. We just received our order and put them on the second I got them in the door. Read More

Zig, 12


I know you hear it all the time, but toegrips are completely life changing for my 12 YO Pug. He is visually impaired, and we moved in to a new house with all hardwood. Read More

Lab, 13

Lisa Webb Needham

I had ToeGrips put on my senior Lab baby about two weeks ago. She is 13 years old and has trouble slipping on slick floors. She is also diabetic and nearly blind. The grips have made it much easier for her to get up in the morning from my bedroom har Read More

Ivet M. Solis

  I have already told several of my friends about the Toe Grips. My bosses dog is already walking better with them. He had a terrible limp and we thought it was severe arthritis but since I put them on, you can hardly tell he’s limping. I thin Read More


Sharon and Jack Higginbotham

I received Dorothy’s grips in the mail today. No words can describe the instant change in her. This is totally amazing. Bless her heart, she never just stood around and hung out with the family..she would lay most of the time because of the wea Read More

Jill Stephenson Simons


  “Thanks you Dr Buzby for making Jessie’s senior stage of life less painful.” Jessie my 14 year old black lab has been wearing her toe grips for about 3 weeks. After initial placement she went crazy running and jumping around like Read More


We have a 13 year old Jack Russell she’s chubby but, at her old age arthritis has caused her to slide on our Hardwood and tile floors. Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips seem to be aiding her in just 3 short days and she doesn’t seem to mind them. Read More

Sam and Matt, South Australia, Australia


“Thank you for designing such a wonderful product for the oldies.” I have a 13 year old border collie named Sharni who has arthritis in her hips and struggles on our tiled floor especially first thing in the morning. After being suggested Read More

Lynne Droze Betty


“Thanks Dr.Buzby for your dedication to making life easier for our senior pets.” We had the honor of Dr.Buzby making a housecall to measure our ten year old Golden’s toe nails and to personally attach the remarkable ToeGrips.. Our Isabe Read More

Dawn Kemper, Executive Director, Young at Heart Pet Rescue

  “I am so grateful that this product exists.” Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips for Dogs sent us samples to try out on some of our more arthritic dogs, but before sending them off to our foster homes or recommending them to our supporters, I t Read More

Lisa Webb Needham

  “No more slipping on our vinyl kitchen floor…” I had ToeGrips put on my senior Lab baby about two weeks ago. She is 13 years old and has trouble slipping on slick floors. She is also diabetic and nearly blind. The grips have Read More

Susan Belser

I just wanted to tell you that I received my order- and put the grips on my 13 yo arthritic Keeshond today. He doesn’t bother with them- good thing number 1, plus, he seems to be getting up and down on our hard floors with less difficulty – good Read More

Nicole Uranko, DVM


Thank you so much for the ToeGrips! We got them in the mail yesterday and put them on Na’vi tonight. They are amazing! She went from taking 5 seconds to get her grip on the tile floor to stand up to standing up in an instant =) I was actually surpr Read More

Lisa Marie Tan


Close to a week after 13 y.o. Codie girl here has her fashionably coloured ToeGrips on (as you had estimated, she takes the orange XXL on the front paws and purple XL at the back). She’s definitely getting up on her feet much faster from a prone po Read More

Leilani Alvarez, DVM, CVA, CCRT

“” ToeGrips have been a great addition to our practice. I find them especially helpful for older arthritic dogs that are weak in their hind limbs. They’ve been great for my own geriatric dog! Read More

Dr. Gillen


Thank you Dr. Buzby for developing your toe grips products. Benjamine has had knee surgery and we have been quite concerned about his safety when walking on tile or wood floors since. I did not expect Benjamine to take to the toe grips so easily. Alt Read More

Rebecca Highlander


Hi All! Frieda is doing much better with her ToeGrips! She’s recovering from a CCL [cranial cruciate ligament] tear and may be beginning to have some neurological issues with her hind legs. She’s had some falls and strained her injured leg on a t Read More

Kathy Wander, DVM, Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeon

The ToeGrips are a success. I have one client that has an Australian Shepherd that really slides around on their wood floors, but with the ToeGrips, no more sliding. She has 2 bad knees, so this really helps. This is one of the nicest solutions that Read More



We moved into our first home a month ago and since then Chewbacca slid from carpet to carpet falling the whole way. He’s 12 years old with knee problems and starting to have neurological problems with his back legs. He spent the last week depressed Read More



“The difference was like night and day!” Dear Dr. Buzby, I can’t thank you enough for your ToeGrips. My 13 year old Border Collie, Clare, is still bright and active but has had multiple problems with her hind limbs including a TPLO surg Read More

Deborah L. Prevratil, Executive Director International Veterinary Acupuncture Society

“Great product, easy to use and great to not have to watch my dog struggle!” Hi Dr. Buzby, I was warned that the ToeGrips might not work on my 5 year old Australian Shepherd Scout because he is not a senior dog yet. He is however; epilept Read More

Samantha DiMaio-Leach, Jacksonville FL Sheltie Rescue


“I put them on Button and could practically hear him saying “Wow! Traction!!”” Button was born with a zest for life and a will to live. He was also born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. As a puppy, Button would leap into the air for sheer Read More

Caroline McEver


“The toe grips have been a critical aide in raising her sense of proprioception…” Here Grace models toe-grips. We love them! She was attacked by another dog almost 18 months ago and still falls and slips a lot due to nerve damage. T Read More

Emma Garrett


“When we got the toe grips, we clapped our hands with happiness at how well they worked on our polished floors.” Last September our 3 y/o Aussie Dog, Banjo had a spinal accident. The pain he endured for those long and confusing hours trav Read More

Candice Kirchner Wurst‎


Thank you Dr. Buzby! Your ToeGrips are amazing! My dog Cesar has severe neurological issues and has had a really hard time walking on our wood floors. He has not fallen once since he’s had his ToeGrips on, and before he was falling every 5 minutes. Read More


Just a quick note to let you know how amazing these things are. We got our package yesterday, and the difference they make is everything I’d hoped for. Our 12-1/2 year old Golden Retriever was miserable after we changed the bulk of our flooring to Read More

Leslie Renaud Kuther

We got our Toe Grips yesterday, and put them on. This morning our 14+ year old Sheltie hit the kitchen floor and had traction. I think it surprised him as much as it surprised us. They are staying on well, and work just as advertised. Thanks for this Read More

April Bell-Hargraves

“Thank you again for giving my dog his legs back” I have a 14 yr old border collie that has trouble standing up and slips on the tile floor, it has been breaking my heart to see him struggle. He is quite independent and gets grumpy when I Read More

Kate Spiller Nielsen, DVM


“After applying her first set of ToeGrips she showed immediate improvement.” Dr. Buzby has heard this but for everyone else I want to tell you a story. I am a vet. During my senior year of vet school, I brought home a dog. Not just any do Read More

Ashley Armington Berent


“They are simply amazing and life altering for an older dog, but especially this older, 3 legged dog.” Dr. Buzby’s Toe Grips have been the saving grace for our recently amputated front limb, 9 year old Lab. Even with 4 legs, Maggie was Read More


“I now have to stop her from running too much to keep her from injury to her remaining front limb.” My pitbull mix recently had her front limb amputated due to osteosarcoma and was doing well but balked at going up and down my hardwood st Read More

Felicia Fulks Vertrees

I’m still my amazed that my Tripawd just pops up to a standing position from a slick floor. I don’t have to worry about him slipping and falling one bit anymore. Such a relief! Read More

Jessica Schrepple


“Toegrips help him tremendously with both balance and confidence.” Here are some pictures of Rocky Schrepple modeling his yellow toegrips. Rocky is a 5 year old, 3 legged Yorkie who is also missing a weight bearing toe in the remaining ba Read More

Lee Gregory DVM, CVA, CCRT


“I would say that if you want to teach an old dog new tricks, help it to engage in movement. ToeGrips do this.” Winnie is a 13+ yo (we think- she was a stray) SF shar-pei mix who has had 2 vestibular episodes in the past year that have le Read More

Phyllis E Goldstein-Haskins


  This is 14 year old Zoe. The toegrips helped Zoe so much in her final months. She was having such a hard time getting around. She was blind and also diabetic and was losing strength in her legs. Read More

Josette Jones


“These have changed Teddi’s life.” My 15-year-old Yorkie, Teddi, was constantly falling on our hardwood and tile floors. She would try to turn and fall on one hip or the other, and was so unstable she was extremely hesitant to move Read More

Heather, Durham, NC


“A miracle! Amazing!” I’ve known for years that the hind quarters of my 75 pound lab/shepherd mix would cause her life to end. Healthy and highly alert at 14, my heart was breaking as I watched her starting to loose traction and struggl Read More

Frank Huey


  Gus’s life has changed for the better immediately after applying Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips. I am the caregiver for Gus, a 15 year old Scottie. Over the years, Gus has slowed down. He had trouble walking on any smooth surface and had lost the de Read More

Deron Goolsby

“She went from lethargic to zippy in a nanosecond!” My sister-in-law works for the state’s largest veterinary hospital. I laughed when she brought your ToeGrips to our home. As a man, this is difficult to say, but after we put the ToeGr Read More

Meagan Skelton


“Just wanted to tell you how much we love the toe grips.” I have a 17 year old border collie named Sue. She is a retired sheep dog and agility dog and due to her age she is quite frail. Her mind is still fine and she has lots of things sh Read More

Alison, OrthoPets Europe

“ToeGrips provide traction and confidence on well-worn flagstone floors!” I just wanted to tell you that I had my first customer ring me today absolutely delighted with the ToeGrips for their elderly Labrador. They only received them yest Read More

Mandy DuBose, DVM, CCRP, CVA

“He is so much more confident, standing taller and getting around so much better.” …I had an 18 yr old Jack Russell Terrier named Harley who came in yesterday sporting ToeGrips that his family vet put on him. I have been treating him wi Read More

Jessica DeMarco, DVM

“I am a veterinarian and this is my first time using Toe grips.” Just placed Dr. Buzby’s toe grips on my 16 year old girl today. She normally can barely walk on my bedroom floor without slipping. Look at her go with her toe grips on! Th Read More

Katie Bardis


“As soon as I put ToeGrips on him he was back to normal!” My German Shepherd, Astro has hip dysplasia and recently started slipping on our wood floors. It broke my heart watching him repeatedly slip and fall. As soon as I put ToeGrips on Read More

Karen Smith Hall


“…nothing has really worked until today when his ‘ToeGrips’ arrived.” My dog Scooter has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and he’s slowly declining. One of the problems we’ve encountered is his decreasing strength and increasin Read More

Joanne Rowe


“Paddington regained confidence and mobility!” If you would have walked into my home several months ago, you would have thought it was a showroom for throw rugs! My dog, Paddington Bear, a 110 pound South Russian Sheepdog, had great diffi Read More



“I know you hear it all the time, but toegrips are completely life changing for my 12 YO Pug.” He is visually impaired, and we moved in to a new house with all hardwood. He would move off the area rugs and slip and slide, and then eventua Read More

Debbie Kapp-Beasley


“The ToeGrips have made all the difference in the world!” I wanted to tell you how much of a difference ToeGrips have made for our two 13-year-old dogs. Slater, our Catahoula Leopard dog, had surgery on both knees when he was a young boy, Read More

Mandy Hemmings

“If I could be a saleswoman for your company, I would travel the world singing of the greatness of this product.” I wanted to thank you for such an amazing product. I have a 13 year old rottie who has cancer that we are trying to make com Read More

Karen Kellow


“We were extremely grateful to discover Toe Grips as part of our solution.” Let me start by saying this product will help keep your pets safe. We have a senior dog (now 14ish) and hardwood floors. Several years ago in Wrigley’s (then 12 Read More



“ToeGrips gives her the extra stability and support to allow her to confidently move wherever she wants to go.” I have a 4 year old yorkie named Triscuit. Though quite young she has always had special needs. Her ability to walk has recent Read More

Marianne Gribbon


  “The toe grips are a small doggie miracle…”   I just wanted to send a quick thank you note. I have had Sam my 14 year old rescue for 6 months now and have tried everything to keep this old boy from sliding on my wood lam Read More

Kathy Martinez


“The change was instant.” I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for Timber! The change was instant. At 13, we were prepared to just accept the fact that he is getting older and he just cannot walk like he used to. We noticed he Read More

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